Electronic piece
Composition David Behrman
Performance Luz González, Valerian Maly, Klara Schilliger,  

In honor of David Behrman’s 85 birthday

View Finder has its roots in early 1970s pieces that focussed on thick textures made by numerous slowly-shifting triangle waves. A couple of decades later, in software versions, It was an installation in which.a camera detected the motion of people or elements in a landscape and triggered changes in the ongoing electronic sound. In recent versions, sounds performed by players of acoustic instruments are mixed with electronic sounds handled by a laptop operator. The instrumentalists make mostly quiet sounds that blend with the electronics, like those that might emanate from imaginary creatures wanting to remain half hidden in a forest.                                                                                                                         David Behrman

Digitale Vorführung, September 2022

Full lenght video with all performances here