I’ll be back 

Dance piece
With UTOPISISTAS collective
Concept, choreografy & dance Matilda Bilberg, Nerea Gurrutxaga, Jenna Hendry und Maria Teresa Tanzarella
Dramaturgy Simon Froehling
Composition Moritz Alfons und Luz González
Light Design Thomas Giger
Costume designer Mat Voorter und Pepa Canel
Production management Hélène Hüsler
Dramaturgical production support Tanzhaus Zürich Lea Moro
Video and photography Michelle Ettlin
Illustration and graphic Fabio Bergaglio
Coproduction Tanzhaus Zürich

We are a wondering, wondrous being,
visiting an uncanny world and that other planet.
We will sweat for you.
We will be challenged.
As will you.
But don’t worry: We will also laugh with you.
So let us gather all of our existing mutants.
Let us assemble our multiple self.

Tanzhaus, Zürich (CH) - September 2021
Dansens Hus, Stockholm (SWE) - March 2022
BAD Bilbo, Bilbao (ES) - October 2022