Eletroacoustic piece for flute, viola, harp and live electronics.
Composition & Performance Luz González & Trio Tramontana
Mathilde Bernard - harp, Luz González - electronic, Alejandra Martín - viola, Aurora Pajón - transverse flute 
45 min

How can we together develop a method of composition that grows beyond our individual abilities? William Morton defines a superorganism as a living community of many individuals of the same species of organism that develop abilities beyond those of the individuals.We allow the flute, viola, harp, and electronics to merge into a new entity that reveals, explores, and is able to develop its own independent character and capabilities, its needs, its abilities, and also its shortcomings.

Flash! 2022, Bern (CH) - October 2022
MUNCYT | Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología de España, A Coruña (ES) - May 2023
Festival Sin Sal, Vigo (ES) - May 2023
Adv3nt 2023, Bern (CH) - Dezember 2023
TAP 24, Neubad, Luzern (CH) - Februar 2023
TAP 24, Biotop, Biel (CH) - Februar 2024 
TAP 24, Lichtspiel, Bern (CH) - Februar 2024