Dance performance
Concept Myriam Enters, Manuela Leuenberger, Meret Rufener 
Dance & Choreography
Myriam Enters, Meret Rufener 
Stage design & illustration
Manuela Leuenberger
End direction Nina Stadler
Music concept
Luz González
Costume designerMyriam Casanova
Documentation & Film 
Anna Zimmermann
Marius Stalder
Light design
 Lola Rosarot

Two dancers use images and ideas in an art studio. In the fusion of bodies and visual images on stage, they create the amazingly absurd and surreal. In the process, our chopfchino creates its very own interpretations and immerses us in poetic stories and humorous episodes. An unbiased new way of seeing becomes possible. Objects and bodies are placed in new contexts and constantly evolve as our perception oscillates between reality and imagination. Furthermore, the two transmuting female bodies on stage evoke the question of social perception of norms and the examination of bodies and body forms. In chopfchino, images, both on stage and in our heads, actually come to life.

Betastage, Bern (CH) - März 2022
Junge Bühne Bern, Bern (CH) - Mai 2023