The tree

Interactive installation
Concept & Implementation Luz González
Metal work Nikita Maisak

The respect for the tree as a symbol of a world in natural equilibrium began to crumble when man began to subordinate nature. Long-lasting and durable, a tree has the ability to grant a specific identity to its location and environment. It bears witness to the history of this location and it is memorable, whether it is real, a character in a story, or just the idea of a tree. Always an ambivalent symbol, it contains both constructive as well as destructive energy, representing life as well as death.
Peter Fischer: About Trees (2015)

Dampfzentrale - Bern (CH) - Oktober 2018
ZKM - Karlsruhe (DE) - Januar 2019
Kornhausforum, Bern (CH) - September 2023