For human and non human performers

Piece for Performer, Loudspeakers, Text and other non human characters 
Composition, Performance, Text Luz González
Scenography, sculptures Annatina Huwiler
Scenography Assistant Saskya Morgenegg
Tecnic  Jay Schütz
Documentation Pablo Kaufmann
45 min

Dysphoria is an immersive concert about the deconstruction of the concept of being human. The piece is the result of a personal research in which the artist has extensively explored the themes of inclusion, technology and representations of the body. The inclusion of space, sound, performance and language is intended to allow the audience to engage with expanded representations of the body.

horns, tentacles, scales
underwater breathing, night vision, 
mimicry, male pregnancy, eternal life (!)
(Technology can not be seen, but it can be felt)
what will my fantasy create this time?

Prozess, Bern (CH) - September 2021