Sei kein Mann

Dance piece
With Kollektiv F 
Choreography Vanessa Cook
Dance Arno Brys, Petr Nedbal, Emanuel Rüfenacht
Stage & costume design Renate Wünsch
Lightdesign and tecnic Mirjam Berger
Outside eye Noëmi Gradwohl
Concept, research, mediation Luzius Engel
Production managment Nina Engel
Coproduction Dampfzentrale Bern
Pictures / Video Nicole Pfister
60 min

Be a man. Don't be a man. Real men are feminists. Show feelings. Pull yourself together. Be cool. Sissy! What masculinity suits me, what images of masculinity are inside you? Where do these images come from? And what does patriarchy have to do with it? To live music, the Bernese collective F clears out old habits and burned-in images of masculinities in their latest dance piece. A critical, funny, feminist, accessible and sensual dance evening for young people and adults.

Dampfzentrale, Bern (CH) - March 2023
JBB, Bern (CH) - March 2024
jungspund Theaterfestival, St. Gallen (CH) - March 2024
Casino Theater Burgdorf, Burgdorf (CH) - March 2024